Emit Lite

Your path to lighting excellence.

EMIT is a newly established lighting solutions provider to which our team has considerable procurement experience working directly with specialist design consultants. We can offer competitive pricing to specifiers catering to design specialists, interior designers, architects, developers, product designers and electrical contractors as well as client’s directly. Our vast network and experience allows us to work with a project specific lighting manufacturer for your individual product needs.

We provide a range of interior and exterior project lighting equipment that encompasses categories such as high-end private residential, commercial architecture, retail, hospitality and more.

Partnering with a selective range of lighting manufacturers on a worldwide scale allows EMIT to offer an efficient responsive service to your tender requirements and ordering process from commencement to completion.

Our Brands

Emit is an approved distributor for

Website: Aion LED

Products: Catalogue

Website: Hevi Lite

Products: Catalogue

Website: Acolyte LED

Products: Catalogue

Website: B-K Lighting

Products: Catalogue

Website: Beachside Lighting

Products: Catalogue

Website: DG Lights

Products: Catalogue

Website: Focus Industries

Products: Catalogue

Website: Asteri

Products: Catalogue

Website: SPJ Lighting


Website: Pro-Light Technology

Products: Catalogue

Website: Litelab

Products: Catalogue

Website: Tryka

Products: Catalogue

Website: Q-Tran

Products: Catalogue

Website: Lutron

Products: Catalogue

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[sx_button link="#about" colors="O" border="hard" new_window="no" hover="light"]About[/sx_button]

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Simple TextJust ExampleOther Text


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[sx_banner colors="O" overlay="Success" title="Cell Title" subtitle="Subtitle"]Text[/sx_banner]


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[sx_counter count="3459" label="Followers" colors="O"]


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[sx_skill label="Wordpress" percent="70" bar-colors="H" label-colors="I"]


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[sx_recent_posts number_posts="5" more_text="More..."]


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sx_map_marker - child shortcode for sx_map


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[sx_map button="Locate Us On Map" latitude="42.487606" longitude="-71.115661" zoom="14" colors="A"][sx_map_marker text="Our awesome location" latitude="42.487606" longitude="-71.115661"][sx_map_marker text="Our sales office" latitude="42.485100" longitude="-71.113256"][/sx_map]

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